During my undergrad days, poetry was one of my major muses. Here’s a couple of poems written by me during my ‘youthful days’. Click on the individual links to view them:

Spoiler alert: I love rhymes! Read them in ‘British English’ pronunciations if possible. Sorry American folks, I am still transitioning.

2017: In The Land of 7 Billion People

The air around the poem is melancholic, akin to the lull that surrounds this winter season. The trees are barren and dusk sets in early. We wander about in pensive thoughts. A small entity of this huge universe, yet so distinct. The connection between two people feels so obstructed. Loneliness sets in. Love, is no longer widespread. Hope seems dead before it even arises. The state of the future, sets in more anxiety and fear. Our self-worth seems to be questioned. The hunt for our passion seems to be a lost cause. We feel suppressed, unable to express. Left to wonder, will life ever be better again.

2016: It’s Alright

A spur of the moment ‘Thinking Out Loud’ poem. Sometimes, in life, during undesirable moments, it’s best to take a deep breath in and say ‘It’s Alright’ as your breathe out.

2011: A Tribute to Friendship

This poem was written to mark friendships day in 2011, a couple of weeks after the completion of the undergrad chapter of my life. The day reminded me that I have always been blessed to be surrounded by the creme of friends, who have been ‘one of a kind’ and have been with me through thick and thin. My friendship with each one of them and many others who weren’t included in the poem will be cherished for not just days, not just months, but all the years to come.

2010: The Darkness of Life

This poem was written on 30th January 2010, as part of a poetry competition held at Riviera, the annual cultural fest held at VIT (my undergrad alma mater). Although, the tone of the poem is pretty melancholic and may not reflect my current state of mind, it still remains one of my favorite penned verses. It was an on-the-spot work and took about 1 hr 45 min to get it all done. It was one of those days when I was so reluctant to go for the competition. But, courage knocked on my door and pushed me beyond my fears.

2009: My Parents

While my brother is the one who buys cards that already have a poem (life’s easier!), I was pretty darn adamant that I would buy a blank card and fill it up with my words of love for my parents, as they celebrated their 25 years of togetherness. Needless to say, my folks loved it!