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We all emulate famous personas and celebrities as our role models. I have some favorite ones too! A huge salute to them for what they have achieved and accomplished through their hardwork and dedication. However, in our everyday life, if we look around, we are surrounded by some simple people, in the form of friends, family, teachers, acquaintances, etc. who have some wonderful and inspirational stories that have made me go “Wow!”. This section is a spin off to ‘Koffee With Karan’, one of my favorite talk shows for some Bollywood gossip.

Mocha With Madhuri‘ will focus on the real life stories of people in my daily life who have inspired me and whose experiences are worth a share. It will be articles and stories from my favorite people aka my guest readers from whom I have learnt a ton. If you have a story to share or you want to share someone’s story, do ping me at

Check them out:

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