It’s Alright…

It's almost Thursday and that means it's time for a 'Thinking Out Loud' post on the blog! Today's post is pretty random. The busy-bee in me didn't plan on doing any posts for the next few weeks. A long things-to-do list is keeping me on my toes until July 1 (#vacationtime). I wouldn't have imagined myself writing a … Continue reading It’s Alright…

A Tribute to Friendship

The Journey at VIT, the one to remember, Splendid it was ‘cause of many a member, And they are called my dearest friends, The ones who set my daily trends. Hostel was a new life of its own, Place where one could never be alone, The only aspect of terrible burden, I would say was our nosey warden. Aruna Ganesh, a childhood buddy, I … Continue reading A Tribute to Friendship

My Parents

Long time ago, God alighted on earth, To us, He was born in human birth, Disguised in the form of our parents, In order to provide ceaseless guidance. First came to life our dad named as AVM, With an inborn zest of writing many a poem, A superb and amazing being by personality, One would … Continue reading My Parents

The Darkness of Life

Oh Mother Earth! The world of mornings and nights,  Your motion has brought about days with lights,  Alternating with nights of darkened silence,  One would admire your scheme of brilliance.  We pay respect to the morning sun,  That sets the pace for us to run,  But can the light of this star,  Ignite our life … Continue reading The Darkness of Life