Humans are so weird now!

Hello everyone!!! Hope you are doing fine. It's 31 December 2020 today! Man, what a year 2020 has been, don't you agree? Well, we all lived through THE crisis of the century AND have survived! I was extremely busy during the first half of the year - so many people needed help! Oops! Before I … Continue reading Humans are so weird now!

COVID-19: Illusion or Reality?

First off, hope all my 'avid' readers are safe and sound - practising good social distancing, using soap and water for 20 seconds, staying away from MEN (mouth, eyes, nose) and all the other precautions outlined by legit healthcare organizations to #flattenthecurve. The last few days of social distancing has involved a lot of quiet … Continue reading COVID-19: Illusion or Reality?

Kind (vs) Nice

‘Kind’ and ‘Nice’ - both four letter words of similar connotation. Yet, each of them express a very different emotion based on perception and intention. With three contrastive alphabets between them, the identical one is the prominent ‘I’. A single letter by itself, but the extent of its expression brings about the distinction between kind … Continue reading Kind (vs) Nice

US vs UK PhD Programs

Congratulations on taking the first step towards gearing towards that #gradschoollife. A Doctor of Philosophy or PhD (more popularly known) or DPhil (less popularly known) is no ordinary feat. I am sure now is the time when all the "kids" are racking their brains, trying to figure out the cool programs and universities. I must … Continue reading US vs UK PhD Programs

Let’s compare notes!

Hola! In case you were wondering, I am alive! It feels SO refreshing to blog after exactly one year. I set out to pursue a Medical Writing Course to work on my passion for writing. The result was a writing hiatus on my blog. Irony much? More on what I have been up to the last … Continue reading Let’s compare notes!