COVID-19: Illusion or Reality?

First off, hope all my ‘avid’ readers are safe and sound – practising good social distancing, using soap and water for 20 seconds, staying away from MEN (mouth, eyes, nose) and all the other precautions outlined by legit healthcare organizations to #flattenthecurve.

The last few days of social distancing has involved a lot of quiet time giving me space to think. Although we began our official shutdown on Friday 20 March at 5 pm, I had been following some good practices since a week before and working from home. Better safe than sorry, am I right? I have been enjoying all the free time and using it wisely! If you haven’t already, do check out my instagram to see what I have been up to.

For anyone who is alive today (unless you are 102+ years), this pandemic is the first of its kind we have witnessed ever since the 1918 Pandemic by the H1N1 virus. It has brought the world literally to a standstill! When have we ever seen this happen before in this lifetime and will we ever see it again…hopefully not!

This quiet time has made me ask a question:
COVID-19: Illusion or Reality?

“Have we become disillusioned into thinking that our footprints are the reality and not the feet themselves?”

Are we really as powerful as we think we are?
Our biology textbooks have taught us the concept of evolution, with man at the zenith of that pyramid. My spiritual master has taught me that what really makes man more evolved than the rest of the creatures who also eat, sleep and breathe, is this powerful tool we possess called viveka or discrimination. The ability to discriminate using the power of the human mind. The mind is so powerful that it reveals to us everything in the world – from little secrets to profound fundamental facts. Yet, it is so elusive that it never reveals itself. If we are that powerful, how could something as minuscule as few microns control our very existence today? Does that mean we aren’t as powerful as we ‘think’ we are or have we really misused this powerful tool of discrimination that we possess?

Am ‘I’ really this powerful or are ‘we’ this powerful?
Does power come from a single individual? Clearly, our little corona-minions have taught us that real power comes not from size, but rather in numbers. We have indeed allowed for our mind to be misused in being arrogant, greedy and extremely self-serving with the thought that ‘I’ am the mightiest. If only we had channelled that mind power into thinking ‘we’ are the mightiest – together and united, we can do so much good in this world with our pooled talents and skills than our singular abilities!! Doesn’t all the brawls and squabbles over race, religion, financial status and other outward disparities, seem minuscule and meaningless in this fight as a human team against a tiny virus?

Have we taken our arrogance and greed, a tad bit too far?
The good thing about us humans is that we are passionate souls. We love improving the world around with our intellect and skills. If we didn’t have that quality, would we have progressed from the palaeolithic stone age to the iron-steel age? However, has that illusion or ‘maya‘ blurred our vision of truly improving the earth and nourishing its life forms? We’ve gone from inventing plastic materials for the sake of convenience and refuse to budge in cutting down its usage now. We have gone on rampant slaughtering of animals to satiate our sense of tastes, forgetting the very fact that those little ones, are someone’s own. This forced ‘time off from work’ – is this Mother Nature’s way of telling us to be within our limits in the name of industrialization.

Have we not taken our need to be self-serving in the right direction?
It’s established that we’ve been extremely self-serving. But, have we really done it in the right way. We have sacrificed so much of our health to acquire a couple of extra green notes in our wallets. We have welcomed physical and mental stressors to our body as a way of a cool lifestyle. We have gone out of the way in forgetting to treat our 6-foot body as a temple of our very being (myself included). We have conditioned our little minds to think that this lifestyle and way of life is the reality. When in fact, death is the reality and none of us can escape from its shackles. And suddenly, we have one tiny virus reminding us that when health takes a step back, the entire world around us can come to a halt and becomes insignificant.

Lastly, have we forgotten we are human ‘beings’?
The air around us feels eerily silent. No hustle-bustle of daily routine and mundane lifestyles. No fighting against time to complete our to-do lists. We have been given the gift of time now – more time to be alone with our thoughts and tune into our inner voice. Yet somehow, it doesn’t feel like a gift. The insanity of isolation can be seen slowly creeping in. Thus far, we have been trying to fit in alllllll our activities into these limited time slots. Suddenly, we are struggling to fit time into the limited number of possible activities. Being human ‘beings’, have we truly forgotten how to just BE? #livinginthepresent

Thus, it all comes back to my initial question…

COVID-19, is this saga around the entire world an illusion or is it teaching us to rethink our true reality?

Something to ponder on….


2 thoughts on “COVID-19: Illusion or Reality?

  1. AV Manohar says:

    Hi. Mathu. I am glad that “Work from Home” is igniting your unseen mind to do something interesting and inspiring. You have struck the right chord through your words. Corona has manifested to harshly remind us our true reality. Lessons are costly but these make us to reformat our lives from now on. The questions you posed at the end are pertinent and I am sure these will ring in everyone’s ears and make them to set a new rhythm in their lives. Whichever way we analyze, ultimately we shall conclude that the INVISIBLE MATTER IS SUPERIOR TO THE GREY MATTER IN US. Nice thoughts you have cascaded and my hearty compliments. Keep rolling out such wisdom as it is a wake up call for all. Once everyone understands the truth, corona will exit. Appa

    Liked by 1 person

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