Goal Coaching Workshop – Quick Reflections

Yesterday I had the good opportunity to attend a goal coaching workshop led by Baltimore localite, Esther Collinetti. If you haven’t heard of her, make sure to check out her blog and get to know her better (Spoiler Alert: She’s a freaking badass!). As soon as I walked in, she made me feel very warm and welcomed, to say the least.

While a lot of the workshop focused on goal coaching and much more, there were some aspects that blew my mind away, on some keen introspection this morning. We were about 15 of us, give or take. I walked in feeling extremely anxious (and excited!) to meet some new strangers, and walked out feeling like I had known them forever. We all felt like connected souls. I say soul, and not body because each of us could see ourselves in one another. When someone cried, we cried with them. When someone laughed, we laughed with them. We felt a connection so strong that it all only meant one thing – we are one giant human team. That got me thinking as to what a powerful force it is to ‘be human‘.


Some of my reflections from yesterday are below:

One could believe that some force exists inside all of us that provides us some sort of fiery inner strength. We are nudged many a times by the outer world to hone that strength or dull it down. But it is part of our inner core that keeps coming back to us, time and again, further refining us with each passing day. We may call ourselves weaklings or are made to believe that ‘oh well, I’m not good enough‘. But, at some point in all our lives, that strength just says ‘enough is enough‘ and takes over us. And thereafter, there is no looking back. The power of human will!!

One would think being emotionally strong and compassionate are at antagonistic poles of the human emotional spectrum. But, the strength that we as humans possess from within, gives us the reflexive quality to be compassionate. To see individuals sacrificing their own needs, to fill the needs and wants of others, is no ordinary feat. They say, you can’t take out and give from an empty pot. True in every physical sense. Yet, you meet people who somehow make more and more to fill the pot, lest it run dry. The power of human empathy!

One would think (including me), that dreams are for those of the likes of Martin Luther King, Neil Armstrong, Mozart, etc. who created an impeccable impact in society. But, I met several MLKs and Mozarts of this day and age last evening. The eyes that shimmered like a star by just imagining their dreams becoming a reality, the excitement in the voices like a little child who is all gungho about taking the next step ahead, and above all, the hearts as pure as driven snow, beating with dreams to make a change in the lives of another. The power of human imagination!


“I am not here to be average,
I am here to be extraordinary!”


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